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Boreout test

(Statistics updated in May 2020 to reflect latest behaviour during confinement to slower propagation of COVID-19.)

It is human nature to want to be productive. We work not only for physiological needs or safety but for status and societal position, a personal satisfaction in achievement, and self-realization. In this reign, an interesting and challenging job produces satisfaction in and of itself. But what happens if we have a job that does not challenge us enough?

Boreout is, put simply, the outcome of long term under-stimulation and boredom at work which results in a lack of professional satisfaction. Individuals with bore-out syndrome may suffer some of the same symptoms as those with burnout: insomnia, headaches, memory problems, anxiety, and depression.

It is estimated that 15 percent of all workers are on the path to boreout.

Take this test to check your risk of bore-out.

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Boreout burnout test. Persometrics with action potential neuron firing